Friday, July 22

A New Me

My mother started a new weight loss and diet plan.  And yes, the key word in that was new.  Like so many of us, this wasn't the first, third, or even tenth weight loss plan.  We are all like that, we start something, it doesn't work, or it is too hard, and then we stop.  But I was excited for mom.  And in a few days I could tell that this was different.  She was more determined.  More focused.  And she was already seeing results.  She was feeling better.  Feeling stronger.

And it was contagious.  She had gotten a few others on board.  There was talk of a challenge. 

Maybe that is what got me interested.  I love challenges.  I love the struggle of it I guess.  And I could probably write a whole blog post about just that, but I won't.  :)  I can hear the sign of relief all the way from were I sit.  :)

From talk of a challenged it has grown and evolved.  It is now a 17 and counting person Multi-State Biggest Looser Challenge.  Over the next 17 weeks we are all going to be counting calories and exercising.  We are going to be challenging our bodies and our minds.  We are promising to make better choices and try to live healthier lifestyles.

Today is just the first day, but I am already different. I have been waking up in the morning looking forward to my high protein, full of nutritional goodness smoothie.  I get excited about sweating during my workout. I actually had the thought, "I wonder if I could ever run a 5K." 

I joined this site called SparkPeople.  You can track the food you eat, the exercise you do.  It has all sorts of information on nutrition and healthy life styles.  And it has a huge community of people that are all trying to be healthier and lose weight.  It's like facebook for weight loss.  :)

So my goals for this challenge are simple.  I want to lose 18 pounds and get fit enough to run a 5K.  That is just a little more than a pound a week.  And as far as the 5K goes...well, I will just have to figure that out.  :)

Thursday, July 14

What's up DOC?

While making lunch today I was reminded just how much my kids and I aren't always on the same wave lengths.  While adding some carrots to the girls plates, Alyssa came in and asked if they were cooked carrots.  I told her not this time, and she began to complain that she liked cooked carrots the best. 

After telling her that she needed to make sure she had a right attitude, but that I do understand and know that she likes cooked carrots the best, but that today we where eating raw carrots, I wanted to smooth over everything.  Thinking that even perhaps I could help her love raw carrots, have fun eating raw carrots. 

It was at this point that I told her, "We are going to get them like bugs bunny today."

Blank stare.

"You know, 'What's up doc?'"

More blank stare.

"Common, you know, Bugs Bunny!"

She gave me this look that surely meant I had lost my marbles.  "What are you talking about mom.  Do you mean that movie where the kid gets left at his grandmothers house after his mom dies and she gives him a bunny?"

She had not a clue what I was talking about.  Are my kids growing up in a world in which they know what an iPhone is, but do not know how Bugs Bunny is?

I am telling you, different wave lengths.

Tuesday, July 12

Beating the Heat

It is hot.  In fact, hot doesn't even begin to describe it in my opinion.  If you are in the south, you know what I am talking about.  Everything is brown and dead.  Nothing will grow.  My poor little tomato plant managed to produce three sickly little tomatoes and now the plant is dying.  (At which point I sliced it into five little slices, one for each of us.  When I presented Bennett with his, I said, "Here my love, I have produced food, we will each again next year.)

There are several parts to this heat that make things hard.  First, I am going to cringe when I get our electric bill.  Our A/C has been running none stop for what seems like weeks.  I awoke in the middle of the night with a night mare that included the thoughts of what in the world we would do if our A/C went out.

Another thing that makes the heat hard, is that the girls can't really go outside and play in the heat.  I mean when the temperature is 105 F (or higher,) it is too hot to play outside.  They have been shut up in the house so much lately, they are practically bouncing off the walls and hanging from the ceiling fans.

It is no wonder then that my nerves are frazzled and I feel like my house is constantly a mess and that I can't seem to get anything done. 

So today while waiting for it to be time to go pick up Bennett from work, I took the girls to McDonald's to play.  The girls get to play with other kids and get all that energy out.  And Bonus: McDonald's has WiFi so I can get online and blog about the experience.  (Shouldn't I now get free chicken nuggets or McFlurries for advertising for them?)

Not that I would eat the McFlurries.  I am trying to lose weight. And so far I feel like I am failing miserably.  I have gained THREE pounds.  Now maybe that weight gain was because I enjoyed a little too much Chinese and Mexican food this weekend.  Or maybe it was because for some reason this weekend the two youngest decided to have a contest on who could nurse the most, so that three pounds could simply be excess booba juice weight.

Okay, well back to beating the heat.  I think that it is just something I will have to manage one day at a time. But with no end in site of lessening temperatures I am going to have to come up with even more ideas. How are you beating the heat this summer?

Thursday, July 7

A Smoothie A Day

So I have been drinking smoothies.  And like so many good things in began with a blog, Mountain Moving.  Like this mountain moving woman, I have wanted desperately to get  back in shape, to be able to get up in the morning without feeling like something a truck ran over in the night.  I am only 27, not 97.  I am tired of just wishing I could lose the last of the baby weight.  I am tired of by mid afternoon feeling like I have no energy at all.  Basically, I was just all around tired.

Now I realize that some of this tired has to do with the same reason it has taken me ten minutes to write this much of a blog post.  I have three young kids.  There are always faces, noses, hands, or butts to wipe.  There is always a meal or snack to be made or planned.  Hair to brush and clothes to put on.  Games to play and fights to break up.  And this is just before lunch.  You mamas out there know what I am talking about.  And let me just say that my kids are not the kids that will sit quietly in a play pen while mommy works, as one "wise" woman I over heard lately suggesting to a poor frazzled young mom.  My kids are the kids that at the age of two I find on top of my refrigerator.

I will give you a minute to ask the question begging in your mind to be asked.


Common, you know you thought "What?"

Yes, you heard me right, I have found my then two year old on top of the refrigerator.  Why?  Because that is where mommy put the left over Easter candy.  How, you might also ask?  Well it was quite simply actually.  She simply climbed up on top of the trash can to the counter.  Next by simply using my kitchen aid mixer, she climbed the rest of the way to the top.

So I think we have established that I am tired, and we haven't even gotten to how many times I can still be gotten up at night, although thankfully that number has gone down.

But finally I faced the fact that I had to do something.  And some of that something included things that I have done before and I know helped.  One of those things is taking a vitamin B complex supplement.  I personally like the sublingal kind that you put under your tongue and they dissolve.  You can read some more here about the things that a B supplement may do for you.

The other thing that I have started is drinking a smoothie first thing in the morning.  Mountain Moving Woman as I have dubbed her, has been posting about the benefits of the smoothies that she has been drinking everyday, and I though, why not.  So out came my blender, and I began making smoothies. And not just any smoothie.  A super smoothie! (Feel free to insert hero music's what I did in my head when writing this.)

Here is the recipe to the basic smoothie that I have been drinking each morning.

Super Smoothies

2 cups frozen fruit (I like blueberry, mango, peach, pineapple, strawberry)
5 oz super food juice (For example Sambazon Acai with Blueberry and Pomegranate)
1 capsule of the following
     Panex Ginsing
     Green Tea
     Alpha Lipoic Acid
     Omega 3 6 9 Complex
     Cinnamon with Chromium
              All of these you can simply open and empty into your blender, the capsules don't mix well
1 scope of protein powder (I use a simple vanilla whey protein powder that you can get a walmart)
2 teaspoons of Stevia in the Raw sweetener

Place all ingredients into blender.  Add water to blend to consistency you like.  Enjoy!

This recipe is my base that I have been adjusting each day using different fruit.  Sometimes I add milk instead of water and it makes it more like a milk shake.
You can add different supplements that are right for you.  There is lots of research about different supplements and the benefits that they can have.  I am not a doctor, and do not know your current medical conditions.  Use with caution.  (If I had a lawyer, they would make me say that.)

I have felt better in the past two weeks than I have in a long time.  I have had more energy, and have even lost a few pounds. Is it the smoothies?  They can't have hurt.  If nothing else the extra vitamins and minerals have to be healthy for me.  :)  Let me know if you have a smoothie recipe that you enjoy.  I would love to try it out.

Saturday, July 2

Better Mom Boot Camp

It has been almost a year ago that I found another blog that really inspired me.  The lady's name was Hannah Keeley. Well she just released a new inspirational series, and it is totally free.  It consists of three days worth of lessons, that include a video, lesson outlines, action steps, and more.  I just finished the first day, and have been so touched.  It is exactly what I have been needing lately. I hope that if you feel lead, you look into it.

Friday, July 1

Beach Bums

What is that saying about the best laid plans of mice and men?

Bennett had a retirement party to go to.  After failing at getting a sitter for the girls, I decided to stay home with them while Bennett attended the party.  Thinking to make the best of it, after all where up from their naps, I asked if they would like to go play in the sprinkler outside.  It has been so hot lately that I thought the cool water would feel great myself. 

Now getting three girls ready is an event all to itself, even if we where just going outside.  But with only a few cravings for chocolate and a few moments in silence counting to ten, I managed to get us all suited up, and out the door. 

Within moments the girls were enjoying to sprinkler and I even was positioned just so that I was getting a few drops here and there.  The girls were enjoying themselves and I was enjoying watching them.  Memories flooding of days gone by and my own times of playing in the water.  And then something else sparked a memory.

In the scorching heat of a Texas summer everything is desperate for relief from the dry and hot weather, including wasps. Within moments of spotting the first wasp dipping down to play with the girls in the water there were now five, no make that closer to ten wasp all clamoring for time in the water.  And the girls were right there running along with them.  I began  to be concerned, as even more showed up, that the girls would step on one.

So with a bit of grumbling, and even one brave "I don't care if I get stung" comment from my five year old, we went  back into the house.  Quickly racking my brain for some way to recapture the moment, I came up with a spark of pure genius, or desperation, depending on how you look at it.

Grabbing a few freshly laundered towels that were sitting folded on the couch (I knew that me getting the laundry actually folded the same day it was washed was too good to be true,) I said to the girls, "Let's pretend to be a the beach, we will watch a beachy movie too!"  I quickly let the girls pick out a towel, help them spread it on the living room floor, and grabbed for the netflix remote. After typing in "BEACH" in the search box I found a "Barney Let's go to the beach" episode.  Perfect.  The girls watching the movie, Alyssa looks at me and says, "now we need a beachy snack." 

Running (okay so not really running, we have to be realistic) to the pantry, I looked for anything that would work as a beach snack.  Seeing the graham cracker crumbs I had a moment of inspiration.  Below is the recipe for a "Beachy Snack."

Beachy Snack

1 Box Chocolate or Vanilla Instant Pudding
2 Cups of Milk
5 Tablespoons Graham Cracker Crumbs
Various "Beach" items  Example--Goldfish crackers, Swedish fish, Paper umbrellas, fruit roll ups cut to look like beach towels, etc.

Mix Pudding according to package directions.  Pour into four bowls in equal portions.  Top with graham cracker crumbs.  Decorate with Beach items.  Enjoy!

The girls really enjoyed our impromptu beach party, and I did to.  Plus I remembered a very important lesson that I learned from my mother growing up.  There will be plenty of things in life that don't turn out like you want them to.  But there is always the chance to make the best of any situation, and make a lasting memory.

Okay, the girls are done and now arguing over who gets what beach towel.  :)  Time to go mommy. 


Yep, organizing the house died.  And from the scene around my house, it was a slow, painful death.  I would like to believe that it is possible to live a clean and organized life, but despite all my efforts, I don't see that happening.  Perhaps I am not trying hard enough, perhaps I have not found the right combination of organizing, cleaning, recleaning, and threatening the kids not to make a mess.


Well, in other news my husband and I took the youth group from our church that we lead to camp last week.  It was a wonderful time, despite the +100F temperatures.  The kids spent the week at my moms, and I faithfully pumped several times a day.  But as many of you may know, when you are struggling not to become dehydrated yourself, when you are dealing with the emotions and tentions of camp, and when you are nursing two older children, pumping just isn't as productive.  But not to worry. As soon as I got my girls back the 19 month old went to work and made sure that my milk supply was revamped and available.  Needless to say now I am a hormonal mess, as my body thinks I have started breastfeeding all over again.

Oh well.  Hear is the endless supply of laundry calling my name.  Should I answer?

Saturday, April 2

It's Happend....Again!!!

Somewhere there is a mom that is sitting in front of her computer, when she should be cleaning something, and she is reading this blog.  And she is just like me.  Time gets away from her.  She is too busy.  She is overwhelmed by housework.  She is trying to get into shape, and by shape I don't mean the round shape.  She is starting on new journeys.  She has discovered new things about herself. I believe that you are out there...somewhere....(insert noisy crickets.)

Some how project get the house organized has turned into chaos.  Some how all the work that I have been doing to get rid of junk and organize our lives has flat lined, and I am not sure it can be resuscitated.  But I must try!

Charging paddles to 200....Clear!

Wednesday, February 2

Monkeying Around

January did not go well.  I started with such high hopes and bold plans.  (And we all know how much I love to plan.)  But one thing I didn't factor into my planning.


Most of my readers are now trying to figure out the questions that are flying into their heads at this moment. What in the world is Bobos?  Who is Bobos?  Is there any chocolate in the house?

I don't have the answer for chocolate in your house.  I can tell you that there is no chocolate in my house.  We have been trapped at home for the past week and a half, first by sickness, and then by the "Winter Storm 2011."  At least that is what they are calling it around here.  Texas is completely unprepared for 3 inches of snow and ice that doesn't melt the next day.  So no there IS NO CHOCOLATE LEFT IN MY HOUSE!

But back to the Bobos.  I can tell you what the Bobos are.  Or more precisely who the Bobo Brothers are.  (Some moms are hearing the theme song right now to Go Diego Go, and having the strange urge to throw there hands in the air and declare, Freeze Bobos Freeze!)   The bobos are, "A mischievous pair of capuchin monkeys whose cute and innocent faces belie their naughty intent. The Bobos love to get into trouble and cause confusion and mayhem throughout the forest. (" 

Makayla's favorite show is Go Diego Go.  (In fact even as I wrote that last sentence she came up and crawled in my lap, put her cold little snotty nose to mine, and said, "I watch Diego?")  While watching the show with her the other day, I found myself chuckling.  The Bobos were placing Diego's rescue mission in jeopardy when they where throwing rocks around and making such a large stack of them that they covered the entrance to the cave where the animal that was in trouble was located. 

The more I watched, the more I laughed.  I have Bobos at my house.  I clean one thing up, turn around, and it is back on the floor again.  I organize one area and come back to find it obliterated.  In one Christmas special the monkeys are worried about not receiving any Christmas presents because they had been so bad.  Santa tells them that he knows they don't mean to be bad, but that they just are curious about their environment.  Well, that is my kids.  Everything has to be experienced.  Now if only I could figure out how to making them freeze as effectively as Diego, I would finish my living room.  :)

And so I will start again, with planning that is.  And this time I will factor in Bobos into my equation.  Bobos and more chocolate. 

Wednesday, January 19

Couch Cushions--The Final Frontier

Disclaimer:  The following is a very cheesy and nerdy attempt at hummer.  Any similarities to actual overworked exhausted moms is purely coincidental. 

(Que cheesy Sci-Fi music)

Narrator:  (Strong voice) 

Couch Cushions... The final frontier...

These are the voyages of the Star ship Organize.

Its continuing mission:

To explore strange new decorum...

To seek out new clutter and mayhem...

To boldly go where no mom has dared before!"

That is right, I am headed to clean out from under, inside, and around the couches.  If you don't hear from me within the week, you may want to call 911. 

Saturday, January 8

New Year New Life

It was that time again.  You know, the time that we all make and set our goals for the next year.  Lose weight, get in shape, read more books, watch less TV, spend more time with the Family, quit smoking, get out of debt, start a new hobby, go on a vacation, help others, get more organized, volunteer more, recycle more, get a better job, go back to school....I could keep going, but you get the point I am sure.  For some of us, making a New Year's resolution is the same as eating black eyed peas on the 1st--it is just something we do.  Some of us keep these resolutions, devoting a large amount of time, money, and energy into changing something in our lives that we are sure is going to make us happier, healthier, and more content with the life that we lead.  And for many of us, by the time February 1st rolls around, we are already feeling guilty that we haven't done more, done less, or basically changed something about ourselves that we were convinced needed changing.  So we recommit and buckle down.  We get back to business.  And by some wonder of wonders some of us actually make it and follow through with the "a new you" commitment and achieve something.

For a couple of years now I too have jumped, no lept to the "New Year, New You" band wagon.  And like most others, I have ended up, in a muddy pot hole along the side of the road with a bruised shin.  (With the exception of last year, which was my and my husband's "No Babies in 2010" year, and you would just have to know us to fully appreciate.)  Well, inspired by the success of last year's resolution I have started out the gates this year ready to head up my next challenge.  Many different ideas popped into my head, just see above, there are many different things to choose from.  Lose weight, and get fit seemed to be topping out my list. But lets face it, I love food to much right now.  There is a reason that many college students put on extra pounds.  And add to that the amount of chocolate necessary for a mom of three small children, I'd have no chance.  So it was getting organized that actually won out in the end.  Even if getting organized was only number 10 on the Top New Year's Resolution list

So armed with a determination to complete this year's goal, I did what I do best.  Started making a plan.  Even as I type this I can hear my husband groaning.  He hates strongly dislikes when I get in my planning mode.  But that is who I am.  I am a planner.  I love to have plans.  The details, the decisions, the writing it all down, putting it on a calendar.  I am a little OCD about it.  Oh, and lets not forget researching about it.  To the computer I went, looking up articles, blogs, resources to help me complete my goal.  I day dreamed for just a moment about having the money to hire a professional organizer.  But then I realized that if I had the money to hire a professional organizer, I would also have the money to hire a housekeeper.  And if I had the money to do those things, well, I would not be sitting here at my computer on a Saturday morning, with the sounds of the children watching Saturday morning cartoons in the background.  Can we say a iced mocha and a beach...

 or a hot cappuccino and a cabin in the snowy mountains...

But I digress.  Organization.  Planning.  Surfing the Internet----something had to change, or I would be making this next years resolution.  So I came up with an easy plan, and I am telling as many people about it as possible.  I need people to help keep me on track. 

So hear it is.....(drum roll please).....THE PLAN.

Eat More Chocolate!

Just kidding, sorry, I couldn't resist.  No, the Plan is twelve months, twelve zones.  Each month I will tackle one zone.  I will clean, clear out, organize.  Finish those things that I have been putting off.  You know, like cleaning the blinds.  Ick!  Can't I just buy new ones?

Hear are the zones:  Living room, girl's room, bathroom/hallway, master bedroom, dinning room, kitchen, attic, classroom, laundry room, outside front, outside back, and shop.  They won't necessarily be in that order, the outside areas, the shop, and the attic will be done in the spring and fall when it isn't to hot or cold.  I will be blogging about each zone and what I have done as a way to stay accountable.

The first zone, the living room.  I am going in folks.  If you don't hear from me within the week, you might want to send out a search party.

Thursday, December 2


So I have offically failed at blogging this year.  I mean, I have posted like two times all year.  And it isn't that I haven't thought about blogging, because I have.  I have thought about blogging while I am getting drenched in water as I give the girls a bath.  I have thought about blogging when my 2 year old decideds she just has to help mommy more and dumps my flour all over the kitchen floor.  I have even thought about blogging as my husband and I decided we had nothing better to do than to both go back to school at the same time. 

The problem comes from the thought to the follow through for the blogging.  I never get to the follow throught.  :)

Tuesday, April 13

Fast Forward

Has it actually been almost four months since I last wrote?  Where have I been?  Where has this time gone?  Surely I have been sucked into some sort of time disruption.  I simply cannot believe that this much time has past.  Life is changing at such an amazing rate.  So many things are changing, and I feel that I can't keep up.  I want to.  I try to.  But I feel like I keep falling behind.  Wake up, live life,  go to sleep.  The living of life is good.  And yes, I love the sleep that I get.  But everything is moving so fast.  The girls are growing so fast.  Can't I slow them down.  At least just a little.

The other day we where getting ready to go on a family picnic.  It was Bennett's birthday, and we wanted to do something together, as a family.  As we where getting everything ready, I asked Alyssa to get a diaper for me.  Bennett was standing right there and he grabbed one and tossed it at me.  She looked at me with such a gown up expression.  Calmly she stated that she was going to get that, and didn't I realize that?  The first thing that I thought was....where is my little girl?  Now mind you this was followed by a little talk about attitudes.  But in that moment, I saw she was diffrent, and she is changing.  So fast.  So very fast.  In but a breath she will be grown.  I don't want to miss it.  I don't want to look back at her childhood and have regrets.  What things can I change to make sure that doesn't happen?

PS.  Where has spell check gone?

Monday, January 4

Brain Suckers!

When I was younger one year for Christmas we got a Super Nintendo. Now this was a really big deal. For years my mom had said that we wouldn't have anything like that in our house. But low and behold Christmas day arrived and under our tree was a Super Nintendo. And with it was the game Super Metriod. For years this was our favorite game. I remember not only playing it my self, but watching my brothers and my dad playing. Sometimes on the weekends I would sit there in front of our TV and watch my dad play for what seemed to me like hours. And I enjoyed it. We would talk about what items he hadn't found yet or how hard that boss was to beat. I know that some people today would have plenty to say about my form of entertainment, but I enjoyed it. And now that I am all grown up, I see my daughter doing the same thing. I bought the newest Metroid game for my husband this Christmas. And since then my oldest daughter has enjoyed watching her daddy play. Sometimes she drives my husband nuts, asking question after question about the game, if he has beaten this boss or that boss. I asked her the other day why she likes watching and she simply replied, "because he's my daddy."

Anyways, back to the game from my childhood. One of the things that I remember the most about the game was the little brain energy sucker things. The would attach themselves to the head of the Heroine, and suck the energy right out of her. This is the memory that surfaced today while I was tending to my three young children. I had turned on the TV to see what the weather was going to be like for the day, and The Martha Stewart show caught my attention. She had one of the co-creators of Facebook on. He looked so young, and turns out he is young, only 25. Now I am not saying I am old, but I am older than he is. I began to think, why haven't I done something so big. That is when it hit me. Brain Suckers. I have Brain Suckers sucking out all my energy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And you know what...I am glad I do. These are some brain suckers that I don't want to avoid. :)

super metroid brain suckers Pictures, Images and Photos

Tuesday, December 15

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas!

Wow, it has been a while since I last posted something. I have found it to be easier to spend my computer time looking at facebook or checking e-mail, than it is to type out a blogging post. But I found a few moments today, in between batches of cookies so I thought that I would post. I love Christmas. I really enjoy the season. I even enjoy crowded shopping malls and Wal-Mart stores. I enjoy the feeling of it all. I enjoy remembering my saviors birth. I enjoy planning out yummy treats and wonderful surprises for my family and friends.

It is in the midst of all this activity that I slow for a moment to attend a funeral. My husbands aunt passed away. It is bitter sweet, because though we will not get to enjoy her presence any more, I know she is much better where she is at now. Free from cancer and sitting at the Masters feet. Thinking of her gone has left me with many thoughts. For a moment I don't mind my kids pestering and pulling of hair. I gather them up in my arms and hold them tight. Our lives here on this earth are so fleeting a period of time. And yet so much importance is put on our lives here.

With this time of year, my thoughts also turned to Mary, mother of Jesus. What made her different. What made her the one chosen to carry the Christ child? She was willing to accept being with child, even though she was not married. Even though it wasn't the easiest thing for her to bear. What else did she do in her life. Many things I am sure. I am positive that she had days that she was tired. Days she longed for just a few moments to herself. She was really no different than us, sisters. So what was the deference?

She said yes. That was all. She was willing to accept what ever the her God had for her to do.

Lord let me be as willing a vessel for you. Help me to treasure the time I have with my family, and to be willing to share your love with others.

And God....thanks for sending your son.

Monday, November 2

Do we have the right?

This morning during that quite peaceful moment I have before all the children wake, I was doing my usual thing of checking e-mail and facebook, reading the headlines for the day, and planning out my daily activities. One particular facebook entry struck me. It was a news article titled "Dad fights to keep baby on life support." I was so shocked and concerned that I had to in turn write about it as well. The article tells of a one year old in Britain with Congenital myasthenic syndrome, CMS. According to the article, CMS is the result of a rare gene abnormality that affects the link between the nerve and muscle, destroying the "signal" between the two when the nerve wants the muscle to contract. You can read more about CMS here. The child is on life support to help him breath. The doctors and the mom wish for him to be taken off life support, stating that his quality of life is so low that it isn't in the boys interest to save him. The father is fighting this move. So now the high court in Britain will decide the child's fate.

Once again I want to say, "what the H E double hockey sticks!!!" The child has brain function, knows whats going on around him. Who do we think we are to determine about the quality of his life. Are we in that brain, do we know? And where does it stop. If the courts determine that even though he has brain function, his quality of life isn't enough to continue treatment, even against the wishes of one of the parents, whats to keep them from making more decisions against the will of us the parents. What about the child born with some other disease that in someway lessens their quality of life. Are we to stop treatment for them as well? And when it is the case of a child, who can not make medical decisions for themselves yet, are we ready to tell our government, go ahead make those decisions for us. It is the doctors that are seeking this court order to begin with. Government run health care at its best people. And don't think for a moment that because it isn't happening in your neighborhood, that someday you won't be effected. The decisions that the courts make now, in any country, effect us all down the road.

Finally I will leave you with this. I found this to be priceless.

Tuesday, October 27

Mother May I....NO you may not!!!

Last night while watching the news I saw a report that I just couldn't believe. Scientific studies now show Baby Einstein to be bad for babies. With the report came news that Disney the maker of Baby Einstein products is now offering refunds. They also interviewed some poor mom who now has to make the decision on whether or not to let her baby watch the Baby Einstein movies. I found the report to be interesting, so much so that I had actually stayed up to watch it. However I didn't think much about it. It was like, yes, to much TV is bad, but common people, don't we carry everything to far. Little did I know.

This morning while talking to a friend of mine, she was telling me about the same thing. She had seen a report, and it got her so worked up, that she in turn researched it out, and actually wrote about it on her blog. The story that she wrote, made me curious as well. So I did some digging myself. And what I found actually scares me.

Now let me just stop here in my story and say my children watch TV. They watch shows. Most have some sort of educational value to them. They reinforce things that they are already learning from me. Some of the TV that they watch does not have educational value, for example the Finding Nemo movie we rented last week. That was purely for entertainment. My four year old and my 16 month old will play computer games together. In these games they learn about different colors and concepts such as groupings and addition. I do not however set my children in front of the TV for hours at the time, just so that I don't have to provide entertainment or because I have something else to do. And I do not rely on someone or something else to teach my child the things that they need to know. THAT is MY choice. I have the choice. For now.

That is what has made me so mad. In this country we seem to be loosing more and more of our choices, not only as parents, but as citizens in general. What the H E double hockey sticks happened? I mean, wasn't this country founded on freedom?

I learned today about the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood (CCFC.) And I couldn't believe what I found. Not only do I not agree with many of their claims, I find many of their ideas to be quite ridiculous. For example by putting the Harley Davidson brand on a bib, you are subconscious making them into die hard fans. You really need to read some of the information that they are putting out there.

To be fair its not so much their concepts that I disagree with. It is what they think causes them. America does not over eat because adds for fatty food on TV. We over eat because we have no control. The ads are there because we over eat, not the other way around. The thing that upsets me the most is that is not that all of their concepts are bad. I don't want my children watching things that are bad for them. But it is my choice. Just because I let my children watch Elmo does not make me a bad parent. I am the parent, not them. The more we let our freedoms and choices be taken away, the less control we have over our own lives. Soon they will be telling us that it isn't educational enough for children to be home schooled. I don't want to have to live with a "Mother may I" mentality, always having to ask permission to raise my children the way I see fit.

Friday, October 23

Our BIG adventure

So yesterday I had a wic appointment, but since it was raining Bennett had to take the car to work. No motorcycle. *FROWN* I started to just call and cancel the appointment. Like I had done all the other times. But I didn't. Nope, I choose a road less traveled. We walked. Now let me just say, that it had stopped raining, and was really a nice fall day. The temperature was about 58 degrees, and it was nice and crisp outside. Our wic office is here in town, and is only about a mile and a half from our house. So we got dressed warmly, packed our lunch in our new lunch bags (25 cents each at walmart on clearance!) And we set off. I love my Phil & Teds stroller, Alyssa up front, Makayla behind, and Samara strapped to my chest in my Ergo (also one of the things that I couldn't do without.) Alyssa has been watching Dora, so I made a crude map of where we where going, and a couple of things that we would pass. As we walked we talked about the seasons in the year, and what makes leaves turn colors and fall to the ground. We talked about looking both ways when we cross a street. What the Don't Walk/Walk signs mean. It was a great day. Plus I got some good exercise. Samara slept just about the whole time, minus when we where actually at the WIC appointment. The wind had picked up a little on the way home, but I had put a couple of small blankets in the stroller, and that kept the kids warm. Samara fit snugly in my jacket with me. Perfect. We picked up several leaves and a pine cone to remember our trip with. Later today I plan on helping Alyssa glue them to a paper, and we will hang it on our classroom walls. The walk was a great reminder that not all schooling needs to take place in the classroom. There is a wealth of learning outside four walls.

When we where almost home, I got to thinking about what people did before cars. I have really been wanting a second car. I hate feeling left at home without one, even when I am not planning on going anywhere. But yesterday was a little liberating for me. I am not without a mode of transportation. My feet work just fine. I have been blessed with the means to get up and move. And thankfully we live in town. With in just two miles of our house, is all sorts of things that I can take advantage of. And it was really a fun treat for the girls. Alyssa was asking if we could go on anther walk after nap time. :) Now it won't always been nice enough weather to get out and walk, but it will be sometimes, and I plan on taking advantage of it.

Wednesday, October 14

and then there where three....

So having three young children is a challenge. I know, duh, I should have seen that coming right. But oh my gosh! I feel swamped. Everyday is a challenge. A challenge to get up and out of bed. (Do the math, 3 children x 1 time waking up = 3 times getting up in the night and this is on a good night.) A challenge to get breakfast, a challenge to get everyone dressed, diapered, fed, happy, napped, dinner cooked.... The list just goes on and on. And that doesn't even count for things that I need. Can I say shower?

Makayla is having a hard time. She loves Samara to death, and really enjoys "helping" taking care of her. But at the same time, when Samara gets in her spot, well the world comes to an end. It is like she tries to kiss and move her out of the way all at once. It's kind of cute, except at 3 am when I haven't had any sleep yet.

Well, dinner is done, and my time is up. :(

Friday, August 21

And another page down....

So today I competed another page. My goal today was to use the things that I learned from yesterday, without having to look any of it up. I did pretty well. I am getting more comfortable with the layering. I feel good about it.

I also found some more free items yesterday evening. Most designers offer some sort of freebie. Its a great way to get to try their work out, before you buy anything. And its great to start stocking my scrapbooking stash, without breaking my wallet. Some of the papers and embellishments are just so pretty, and they look so real. And best of all, you can use them over and over again. So much better than paper that you can only use once.

The thing that I want to work on this weekend is organizing all of my stash. I need to find an easy way to organize it, so it isn't as hard to find something. Hopefully this weekend I will get a chance to work on it this weekend. Have a great one!

PS. I will post my page later this weekend...I am too tired tonight.

Thursday, August 20

My First Digital Scrapbook Page

Okay, first of all let me say, that although its a little complicated, Gimp is an amazing program. It can do so many really really cool things. And best of all its free, unlike photoshop. You can download it here if you are interested.

I finished my first page today. I did it while watching some tutorials by Beene Designs on YouTube on how do scrapbook using Gimp. She has some really good information. The only thing that I wish was a little better was the visual quality of the video, but I was able to follow along well enough and learn the concepts that she was teaching. The hardest part was learning about all the layering. But once I figured it out, it really wasn't that hard.
The paper and embellishments that I used I got for free from Simply Clean Digi Scraps. Her website is awesome and she has some great items that you can download for free. This really helps, since I don't want to spend any money on anything while I am learning.
Anyways, I would love to know what you think of my first page. I need feedback. So please comment. Thanks!
(This scrapbook page was made using a free kit from Simply Clean Digi Scraps. No part of this image may be reproduced in any manner.)

Wednesday, August 19

And I found it!

Lately I have been trying to come up with things that I can do to keep myself entertained right before and after the baby is born. I need a creative outlet. As many of you can identify with, right after a baby is born is not the time to be able to do craft very easily, especially if you already have other young children as well. Well I am about to have three under the age of five and I don't have much time for cutting out patterns, piecing together quilts, crotching blankets, and all of the other crafty things that I enjoy doing. So I needed to figure out something. And I think I have.

Before Alyssa was born I loved scrapbooking. I really got into it and loved putting together memories, using all kinds of neat paper and embellishments. But after baby it was impractical. No sooner would I get things out, then I would have to walk away from my project for a crying baby. And things didn't get any better the older she got--now she wanted to "help." So I have up scrapbooking.

But now there is digital scrapbooking! I am excited about all the things that I have been able to learn about it just in a few hours today. I am really looking forward to it. For me, its going to be perfect, or at least I think it will. I won't have loads of stuff sitting around, waiting to get messed up. I won't have to get everything out and then put it back up. And for me, best of all, I can do it on my computer while doing other things, ie nursing said children. The blog that I have found to be most helpful so far is DigiScrapping with Jen I have really enjoyed reading through this blog and getting some great information and ideas.

The first hurdle that I came to was about Photoshop. I don't have Photoshop. And come to find out it is expensive. I knew that my mom had some sort of image editing software, and wanted to find out what she used, and where she got it, how much it cost, etc. I am so glad that I called her. She told me about Gimp. It is a free down loadable program that works much like photoshop. She loves it, and best of all its free! I will post again after I have downloaded it and learned some more about it. :)

Friday, July 17

Books I am reading

So I have been reading this book for my devotional time the last two or so weeks. And I am really enjoying it. It is not a new book, and it isn't the first time that I have looked at it, or even read some of it. It's by Stormie O'Martin and its called "Power of a Praying Wife." I have been doing one new chapter/topic a day. It really has been great. And it has opened up my prayer life like it hasn't been opened up in a long time.

So then the other day I was at half priced books, (love that store) and I found another one of her books, "Power of a Praying Mother." I am really looking forward to this one as well.

Thursday, June 18

I guess I am just a "Selfish Mommy"

For the most part, I have not been very vocal about my thoughts on birth. I have taken the stance of "women need to do what they are comfortable with" and "you need to do what is right for you." But lately I am amazed at the amount of criticism and misunderstanding surrounding my choice to give birth at home with a CPM. And while I do still hold to the believe that if a woman feels that the best place for her to give birth is in a hospital then that is where she needs to be. However, I am tired of women getting misinformation from the family, friends, and even the doctors that are supposed to be helping them.

I do not claim to be an authority on the subject. And I am not always good at expressing my point so that it comes across where others can understand what I am trying to say. But I am going to attempt to do my best.

I am saddened and enraged when I hear of my friends and family and how they have been treated by the obstetrics community. I am not naive. I know that things do not always turn out the way we think they will. But time after time I have seen, even with my own eyes, how the very person that a woman as trusted to help her give birth becomes the very thing that hurts her and her baby. And why? Are these doctors less educated? Do they not know their profession well enough? Have they not had enough study on how to help women give birth?

I believe they do know their profession well. They are in the profession to make money. And to make money, they do not need healthy patients. Healthy patients do not pay out enough. Now, let me be clear. I believe that there are some wonderful doctors out there. They truly care for their patients, and do well by them. But they are coming fewer and farther between.

The biggest reason that I have chosen midwives and home birth is because I don't want to become one of their numbers. I do not want to allow myself and my unborn baby to be subjected to numerous interventions that will then cause more problems, and turn into a case where even more interventions are needed to fix the very problem that they created to begin with. The movie The Business of Being Born stated it so well. If you are pregnant, will ever be pregnant, or know someone who is and have not watched this film and urge you to. Birth is a miracle, a rite of passage, a natural part of life. But birth is also big business.

I would like to know why America is so far behind other developed countries. Places like Denmark, Sweden, and the Netherlands midwifery is the primary model of care.

The organization of maternity services in Denmark, Sweden, and the Netherlands
was studied under the sponsorship of the World Health Organization European
Headquarters Office of Maternal and Child Health. Midwifery care is highly
respected and is a central feature of obstetric care in each of these countries.
In Denmark and Sweden, almost all births are in the hospital, and autonomous
midwives are employed by national health services. About three-quarters of Dutch
midwives are in independent practice, and 34% of Dutch women give birth at home.
In each country midwives provide "the first line" of care for normal pregnant
women and are viewed as essential to the excellent perinatal outcomes these
three countries enjoy."- Models of midwifery care. Denmark, Sweden, and The

It should be noted, that the maternal mortality rate in Denmark was 5 deaths per 100,000 live births according to the World Health Organization's Maternal Mortality in 2000 report. Compare that to the United States where the maternal death rate was 17 deaths per 100,000 live births.

According to Citizens for Midwifery, a number of rigorous scientific studies
published in leading medical journals have found that for a healthy woman
having a normal pregnancy, a planned, midwife-attended home birth is as safe
as a hospital birth and with far lower rates of medical interventions.

So why does the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists continue to blast home births and CPMs? In the ACOG's Statement on Home births they imply that I am a bad mother because I am choosing an experience of the health of my baby.

"Childbirth decisions should not be dictated or influenced by what's fashionable, trendy, or the latest cause célèbre. Despite the rosy picture painted by home birth advocates, a seemingly normal labor and delivery can quickly become life-threatening for both the mother and baby. Attempting a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) at home is especially dangerous because if the uterus ruptures during labor, both the mother and baby face an emergency situation with potentially catastrophic consequences, including death. Unless a woman is in a hospital, an accredited freestanding birthing center, or a birthing center within a hospital complex, with physicians ready to intervene quickly if necessary, she puts herself and her baby's health and life at unnecessary risk.

ACOG encourages all pregnant women to get prenatal care and to make a birth
plan. The main goal should be a healthy and safe outcome for both mother and
baby. Choosing to deliver a baby at home, however, is to place the process of
giving birth over the goal of having a healthy baby. For women who choose a
midwife to help deliver their baby, it is critical that they choose only
ACNM-certified or AMCB-certified midwives that collaborate with a physician to
deliver their baby in a hospital, hospital-based birthing center, or properly
accredited freestanding birth center. "

My biggest question from all of this is what about all the things that happen at the hospital? Take a moment to think about all of the births you have either experienced or heard about in a hospital setting. How many times do you hear the words, oh everything was so wonderful, nothing went wrong. I felt in control of my birth, and it was beautiful. My baby was alert and active afterwards and nursed easily. Almost never! However if you speak to mothers who have had the care of a midwife and had a home birth you will hear just that. Does this not seem a little odd to anyone else?

The biggest lie that women in our country have given in to is that they can't birth naturally. They are not able of handling the pain. (by the way, no one ever died from pain) That their bodies are designed to be able to deliver. That is simply not the case, and I look forward to the day when more women can stand up and say together, "We can birth our babies, and we can do so naturally!" I know that some women simply can't fathom having a child in their homes. But I would encourage them to find out why, not give in to fear, and do the research for themselves. Don't have your child anywhere simply because that is what someone else has told you to do. The second lie would be that you don't have the choice.

I have had two beautiful experiences with midwives. My first daughter was born at home with a CPM, and my second daughter was born at an independent birth center with a CPM. My family is looking forward to the birth of our third daughter then end of September, who will be born at home with the help of a CPM. I don't have all the answers, but I do know that I see a system of health care that is not working. People go to doctors to get help, and many many times, they end up worse off. I am not saying that all doctors are bad. Please hear me on this point. But having a baby usually is not a medical emergency. I believe that God made our bodies. And our bodies work when we take care of them.

Monday, May 11

Hummmena, hummmmmena, hummmmena.

Okay, so things have been crazy lately. I figure that in and of itself is normal, seeing as I have a 3 1/2 year old, and a *gasp* 11 month old. (I can't believe that she is about to be a year old) And that I am five months pregnant as of yesterday. But I find myself wondering lately, if things will ever be easier. I mean, while I always be knee deep in laundry and dishes. Will I always look back fondly at the days that I had time to both take a shower, and brush my teeth? I don't really have anything to base this off of. I mean, I know some mothers who have clean houses. They have nice cloths that they get to wear. The have brushed and dare I say styled hair. Their children likewise are also well groomed, and well behaved. So what am I doing wrong, or are some people just destined to be "this."

I spoke to a good friend of mine on Mother's Day. She patiently listen to all my belly aching and then said, "Don't be so hard on yourself."

And I did listen. I know that somethings are the way they are, and there is nothing that I can do about it.

But what about things that I can change. What things can I do to make my life simpler? How can I manage to get a shower, and still have time to eat? How can change the life that I have, and still hang on to the good things that I cherish about us and who we are. I like the fact that the kids can stay up later, and this means they sleep longer in the mornings meaning that I can choose to sleep longer, or get up, or read, or whatever I want. I like the fact that when I get Alyssa to bring me her hamper with all of her dirty cloths, she looks at me and smiles so innocently and says, "I love you when you wash my cloths." It's things like this that make my day.

So what is all this to say? I don't know, I am just rambling. :)

Wednesday, April 22

Tea Time!

I want to have a Mother's Day Tea. And if I can manage it, I am going to. I am going to invite the ladies of my family to come and enjoy some good time together. I wish that some of my closer friends lived closer so that I could invite them to come as well.
I think about ladies of the past. Friendships where so important. Often ladies would stop by and chat. They couldn't just call each other up on the phone. Don't get me wrong. I love the fact that I can call friends and talk on the phone. I am thankful for the Internet age where I can communicate with friends and family that live far away. But have we lost something. That face to face contact? Sitting across from someone that can be there to put a hand on your shoulder and say, I know what you have been though, I will be here. Or someone to come and just simply share in the day to day joys of life.
I wonder sometimes about my daughters. So many things have changed simply in my life time. What will change in theirs? How will communication change the face of their lives, change there relationships? I think about the movie Wall-E. Will our lives change so much, that we could go all day, weeks, months, possibly even years without really seeing the people around us?
So, I think I will have that Mother's Day Tea. And I will enjoy the relationships that are in my life.

Monday, April 20


This is the strip for today from's exactly how I have been feeling lately.

Carpet Cleaning Crazy

I wanted to shampoo the carpet in the living room today. (I hate carpet!) I feel like there is no way to really keep it clean. Even if I never allowed any food in there, I still have two small children, and two dogs, and well, *stuff* happens. So I started first thing this morning cleaning the room, moving some furniture, getting ready. By after lunch I was ready to shampoo. With in moments this is what things where like. I look over and Makayla is bent down, trying to suck on the carpet I had just cleaned. Gross! And Alyssa is running around with her bear feet, singing, "I'm getting it dirty again, I'm getting it dirty again." Okay, new plan. I put Makayla on my back in my Ergo, and told Alyssa she had to stop walking on my clean carpet. Now she wasn't really going to do much harm, and hey, her feet where going to be clean, but I didn't like the thought process going on in her little head. Earlier she had asked me why the carpet got dirty. I explained that things got spilled, etc. and that simply being walked on every day helped to get it dirty.

In the end, my carpet is clean, and I am exhausted. :)

Wednesday, April 1

I am not alone!

Every week we get the Sunday paper. Mostly for two things--a.)coupons b.)comics. And most of the time I find one or two comics that I find funny. But lately my heart has strongly resenated with on inparticular. I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed reading her lately. I have included the two that I can most relate to as of late. Literally it could be me in these strips. (By the way, I got the comics off of And the comic strip is written by Lynn Johnson)

Saturday, March 28

My Wonderful Husband

I just wanted to take a minute to publicly appreciate my husband. We all have those days where our husbands make us frustrated. And I know I make my husband frustrated at me. It's part of being married to another human being.

But I try to focus on the things that he does for me that are beautiful. Like last night. When he got home, he had a cup full of lemons for me. I love lemons, and he knows this. And he knows that its been a while since I bought any. Well, he had training at work, and they brought lunch in for them. So when all was said and done, there where some lemons left over, and he brought them to me. I love him so much!

Friday, March 27


My family and I are going to celebrate passover this year. Bennett and I both felt lead to. And so I started researching. I needed to know more about passover than I did, if we where going to celebrate. And what I found was very exciting. One of the best resources that I found for understanding the passover both the first one and what Jews, in particular Messianic Jews celebrate today, was this video. It really helped explain a lot.

So with that as my theme, here are a couple of recipes that I will be making for our passover celebration.


2 tart apples
1/2 cup walnuts
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon honey
1 tablespoon sweet Passover wine
Core apples (it is not necessary to peel them). Chop apples and walnuts together in food processor blender or by hand until finely chopped (the size of grape nuts) With a wooden spoon, stir in the cinnamon, honey and wine until well blended. Will serve 10-12 people. Serving is 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon per person on piece of matzah.

Matzah Kugel with Cheese

4-6 matzahs
4 eggs
1 pound cottage cheese
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 cup milk
2 teaspoons brown sugar
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
2 tablespoons margarine or butter
Break matzahs into 2" pieces. Mix eggs with milk and reserve 1/2 cup of mixture. Mix the rest with the cottage cheese and seasoning. Dip the matzah into the reserved egg-milk mixture. Arrange these in layers in a greased 3-quart baking dish. Dot each layer with butter or margarine and the prepared cheese. The last layer should be matzah covered with any remaining milk-egg mixture. Bake at 350° for 35-40 minutes. Serves 4 to 6.

Saturday, February 28

The answer to all my questions!

I am so thankful to have Alyssa. She is a joy to my life. She really is. Her witty sayings, her sweet smile, her energetic behavior. Plus, I recently discovered that she knows everything. Don't laugh it's true. If you need to know anything, just ask. She will either tell you the answer, or tell you "Remember, I already told you!"

The other day while sitting at the computer desk, trying to pay bills, I was overwhelmed by little people. They where crawling all over me. Whining about this and that. I absent mindedly asked into the heavens, why are they so whiny today. Alyssa looked at me sweetly and said, "Mommy, Makayla and I whine because we want your attention."

I am so glad that I have her to explain it all to me.

Thursday, February 26


So, I got a neat tip from a friend of mine. She always has these gift card for all kinds of stuff...(she is a couponer) and I had asked her how does she end up with so many cards. She told me about this site, where you get "swagbucks" for doing searches, and then you can redeem those for all kinds of stuff, including gift cards. The neat thing is that it searches google, who I usually use anyways. So, if you are interested, here is the link. Its a referral link, so I will get swagbucks when you do too! I have already almost got enough for a $5 gift card, and I have only been doing this a few days. Try it out.